Awkward Place
I'm Jessica and according to my life I like to be put in awkward situations. I enjoy many things that for many may make me a bit awkward. Well suck it.


Time to Make Something

Time to Make Something


Since being laid off from one of my jobs I have had way too much free time. I have been hanging out and enjoying my freedom and decided to finally start on a project I’ve been putting off for quite sometime. A pond for my turtles. I am not done just yet but the turtles are in and seem to really be enjoying it. Here are a few progress pics. 20140820_113553-EFFECTS 20140820_123336 20140820_125839 20140820_130219 20140820_131954 20140820_132511 20140820_135814 20140820_150030

The crazy glow-y effects are courtesy of Google.…

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Wondering why we aren’t outside

Wondering why we aren’t outside

5 things

…. I’ve learned in the past 24 hours

1.  I listen to 2 types of music. Songs that remind me of a guy I wish I never hurt, and songs of a guy I wish I would hurt. (yes these are two different people and both would probably say I have hurt them. I only truly believe one and for hurting you I am eternally sorry)

2. If my life were made into a movie I would hate the main character…oh wait… that’s me.

3. Not having set hours for work really involves a lot of brain function I don’t want. What day is it again? 

4.The number of people on my friends list who check out my Facebook page often and don’t comment or like anything is quite scary. Seriously those are the stalkers.

5. It’s $140 to get your passport! I’m not going anywhere …yet. But my dad totally went to Canada this past weekend without me! He told me to make sure I get my passport so I can go with next time.